Someone I Admire

Released at: June 17, 2022 by Girlsway
Synopsis:Silvia Saige and her bubbly stepdaughter, Kylie Rocket, are back home after a shopping trip. Kylie LOVES the new dress Silvia got for herself and encourages Silvia to date again, although Silvia seems a bit resistant to the idea. This confuses Kylie because she knows Silvia is so hot and amazing. But that's just the problem: Silvia only wants KYLIE. Harmony Rivers and her friend, Lulu Chu, need to interview a role model for school. The only problem is that they know TOO MANY amazing women, how can they just pick ONE?? That's when Lulu casually suggests interviewing Harmony's stepmom, London Rose, a successful business owner. Harmony thinks it's a GREAT idea and that they're going to get an 'A' for sure. But little does Harmony know, Lulu would much rather have the 'V'! Aliya Brynn asks for her stepmother Lilly James the permission to go to her first concert tomorrow night but Lilly says no to Aliya's request. When Aliya tries to convince Lilly to change her mind and tells her that she can go to the concert, but only IF Lilly comes along as a chaperone. To avoid the embarrassment of being chaperoned, Aliya convinces Lilly to pretend to be her date at the concert.

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