Solo Pleasures Volume 6

Released at: September 22, 2011 by Red MILF Productions
Scene 1 - Tutoring Tips Rachel is tutoring a male student in Anatomy. Her secret to getting an A in class is not studying hard but giving up the pussy to the professor. It just so happens that the Anatomy professor is a woman. She tells him that the professor is bi-sexual because she has done threesomes with the professor with another guy. She demonstrates what kind of sexual moves the professor likes. This guy is going to have no problem in class because he is good looking and has a really big cock. He has pulled it out and is stroking it as Rachel shows him the right moves. He ends up blowing a load in front of her. Scene 2 - Rachel's Doctor Exam Gets Hot Rachel finds herself in the hands of a very young and sexy doctor for her yearly exam. Being the horny MILF that she is, she begins to examine her own breasts and hard nipples. This gets her very excited so she asks him to feel her large breasts. The doctor then asks her to lie back so he can examine her hot, wet pussy. He then asks her about her sex drive and passes her lube and a vibrator for her to demonstrate that everything is in order. Rachel shows him everything certainly is! He becomes very aroused by her demonstration and orders her to return on a monthly basis. Scene 3 - Rachel Opens a Massage Parlor Rachel opens up a massage parlor to lure young men in for a hot sexy rub down. Her first customer has no idea. She welcomes him in and informs him he is in for a different treat: her! She taunts him by squirting lotion all over her body until he cannot take it anymore. He repeatedly tells her what a hot, horny MILF she is and how she loves young, hard cock. She puts on quite a show for him, insisting he rub lotion on her as well. She demands he give her his hot lotion! He will be back! Scene 4 - Reluctant MILF MILF Rachel has a hot shower after exhausting multiple sex partners. Her son's best friend is there to surprise her as she enters the living room. He knows about her sexual activity with friends his age and confronts her. She tells him it is none of his business. He decides to make it his business and tells her that he wants a piece of her hot MILF ass. She tells him to leave several times, but he refuses. After she sees that her bluff would not work, Rachel tells him she will get nasty with him. He shows his interest by revealing the huge bulge in his pants. The MILF then begins to instruct him in hot, horny sexual play. The twist is that Rachel is going to blackmail him if he tells. Scene 5 - Doing the MILF Maid The hot MILF maid is cleaning up after a party thrown by her boss's son. She finds all kinds of kinky adult things that she knows his parents would not approve of. He returns from school to find her bent over the couch cleaning. He has always been hot for her, and has been spying on her when she undresses for bed. She confronts him with what she found while cleaning. He tries to squirm out of it, but the hot mature maid laughs at him. She reminds him that she can tell his parents about this sex party. They come to a hot agreement. Scene 6 - Dominated MILF Slutty MILF is bored on a Saturday night looking at porn. She is starting to get very hot and horny when a hot, young friend comes in looking for his buddy. They begin to talk when she reveals to him that she is a huge slut and she is very bored. He is shy at first, but the slut takes over. She shows him her red hot body and demands that he please her. She screams as he smacks her ass, sucks and fucks her. He cannot hold out, although she tells him to. Then she allows him to release his huge load all over her.

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