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Released at: February 2, 2022 by MILFED
Casca is on the couch in her bikini, trying to rub her clit when her wealthy husband rudely interrupts. He bought her a massage with Robby to compensate for his philandering. She is annoyed by his transparency, but she also takes the opportunity to have a little fun. She flirtatiously touches Robby as he tries to set up. When he asks what areas of the body she wants him to focus on, she undoes her bikini and unleashes her giant, fake tits. He oils up her body. She takes his hands and moves them to her tits. His cock sticks out against his small shorts. She starts rubbing his dick over his pants, then takes it out. He gets so excited he cums on her chest. Just then, her clueless husband walks back into the room looking for his wallet. Casca turns over on her stomach to hide the cum. Robby tucks his dick away and pretends to massage her back while her husband looks through the room behind them. Robby pulls out his cock and shows it to her under the headrest. When the husband leaves, the pair move to the couch. Robby worships her perfect, oily tits. Then she takes out his cock and sucks it properly before pulling him dick-first into her tiny, tight pussy. He pounds her on the couch as her tits bounce. Then she climbs on top and rides him. Her pussy slams down on his balls. This is exactly the deep tissue massage she had in mind. When he blows his massive load all over her face, Casca's husband comes back in. Casca keeps him away from Robby with her jizz-covered hands while Robby grabs his clothes and bolts. September Reign just wants to listen to music on her headphones while getting some housework done. Unfortunately, her fake tits and her tight jeans that zip up the back are too much of a temptation for her daughter's boyfriend, Van Wylde. Van's girlfriend, Amari, just wants to snuggle him in her room, but Van is too horny to keep still. He slips out of bed and finds September in the bathroom. She is on her hands and knees, with the back of her jeans open, exposing her pussy. Van watches her pick up laundry as he starts stroking his cock in the doorway. He tosses his pants in the laundry basket, then slips his cock into her waiting pussy. September is shocked, but pleased. She tells him she really needs to keep cleaning. Van tells her not to mind him. She keeps picking up laundry as he uses her to pleasure himself. When Amari knocks on the bathroom door, September pulls Van into the shower and turns it on. They continue to fuck in their wet clothes. Van tries to convince his girlfriend that he is just rinsing off and that he will join her back in bed in a moment. Amari has a better idea. She strips naked, and pulls back the shower curtain to see her boyfriend fucking her mom. Amari is so shocked that she runs out, leaving her boyfriend to have his way with her mom's pussy. Van fucks September in every corner of the bathroom before dropping a massive load all over her huge tits. From the moment Nathan comes home from college for the summer, he is obsessed with his new stepmom, Halle. At six foot with huge tits and an ass, she towers over her husband, Mr. Turner, and Nathan. She, however, is less than excited to have her stepson home as he's an absolutely slob. When she finds Nathan's underwear in the fridge, she calls him in to cleanup his mess. Nathan appears absolutely naked with a raging hard on. While she shows him how to put food back in the refrigerator, he slips his cock inside of her. He starts fucking her with her head in the fridge until they hear Mr. Turner coming. Nathan hides behind the fridge door and fingers his stepmom as Mr. Turner asks Halle to clean up the kitchen before his boss comes over that night. Halle gets down on the floor to clean up the trash. Nathan slips his cock in her mouth while she throws garbage away. Then she moves to the sink to start on the dishes. Nathan again, comes up behind her and starts fucking her. She continues washing dishes. He helps her dry, at least until the water splashes on her shirt. She lifts her wet top to let her huge tits bounce free. Nathan sits his stepmom on the counter to eat her wet pussy. Then he slides into her again and fucks her on the counter until he pulls her down to her knees and covers her face in cum. Mr. Turner returns when they have everything nearly cleaned. He kisses Halle on one side of the cheek without realizing the other side is covered in cum. Rachael Cavalli is trying to bond with her stepson (Codey Steele) as her husband (G. Turner) tries to watch his favorite game show. Annoyed by his wife and son, Dad tells Rachael to move over so he can concentrate on the quiz show. Ever the obedient wife, she scoots over, right onto her stepson's hard cock. She bounces up and down on the young, throbbing member right next to her husband. Dad is so absorbed in his show that he doesn't notice what is happening and he even asks Rachael to grab him a fresh beer. She strolls to the kitchen with her stepson's cock in tow. Rachael mounts the kitchen island as Codey goes down on her. When Dad walks in the kitchen looking for his beer, Rachael drops to the floor and starts going down on her son. Codey tells his dad he has no idea where Rachael is. Dad exits. Rachael opens the fridge to get a beer for her husband. Codey enters her pussy from behind and fucks her with her head in the refrigerator. Dad returns. Codey hides behind the fridge door and fingers Rachael as she hands Dad a fresh beer. Satisfied, he exits again. With Dad gone, stepmom and son get filthy fucking all over the kitchen until Codey glazes his mom's face with cum. Just then, Dad returns in search of dinner. Rachael pops up with cum on her face and says she is too stuffed to eat. Enraged, Dad chases Codey around the kitchen as Rachael laughs and eats her stepson's cum.

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