Sleek Lovers

Released at: February 17, 2017 by 21 Sextury Video (Pulse)
21 Sextury is proud to present "Sleek Lovers". Alexis Brill sits in her underwear writing a love letter when her boyfriend shows up with a gift. They exchange presents and then start to kiss passionately. Soon both love birds taste each other's genitals and have sex till they reach climax. It's a nice afternoon and Christen is ready to relax in bed with her lover. But not too much! Watch these two stumble, tumble and fall for each other. Music has always been a great way to bond, and a few years in, Monique and her boyfriend are still housing the beat. Monique likes to lounge around the house in her cute camisoles on a Saturday, knowing her beau will likely spot her for a lay on the lush white duvet, sensations running high. Leyla likes making herself pretty for her guy and today that means putting on her lucky charm bracelet. She lounges around, ample ass in silvery lace, until her luck shows up all cleaned up from his morning ski. She unravels his towel to fondle his erection and leads it to her mouth, wetting it before a deep, stiff fuck. Jemma doesn't really know what to expect from her longtime chat mate. Things have gotten pretty heated up online a few times, and he's told her to make herself at home in his house until he gets there, meeting him in her sheer white undies. Any worry she still had fades away as soon as she sees him, sharing a genuine smile. Shyness out of the question, hedonism grabs a hold of the pair and guides their acts.

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