Slave Wages

Released at: April 17, 2012 by Vid-Tech Films
Once again Vid - Tech Films brings you the powerful and compelling Master Seiko. Nikki Steele and Talia Monet are two gorgeous babes who star as the subs in this movie! Master Seiko wastes no time as he places clothespins on them, ties them up with rope and spanks them with his flogger! In scene after scene, with toughness and seduction, this captivating master teases and taunts Nikki and Talia in the most erotic ways on the film yet!

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Scene1: 00:04:13 - 00:17:46 (13:33)

Scene2: 00:17:48 - 00:30:08 (12:20)

Scene3: 00:30:11 - 00:43:45 (13:34)

Scene4: 00:43:46 - 00:59:14 (15:28)