Seven Deadly Sins, The

Released at: February 8, 2019 by Bleu Productions
Of the seven deadly sins, perhaps ENVY is the most ubiquitous it is the inevitable way of things - A good old fashioned Hand Spanking, It is the nature of SLOTH to allow others to do what one can do for oneself - A thorough Sensual Mistress/Maid foot worship daily ritual, The Mistress LUST's after her maid as much as she envies her - Sensual Luscious Oral and Ass worship with a glorious golden shower as a well deserved reward.Kinky Maid begs for a punishingly hard Nipple torture. Still the Mistress must indulge I her WRATH, punishing the tender flesh she desires - A panty and bare-assed Naughty Maid whipping and pussy flogging. For the GREEDY mistress, too much is never enough! - Nipple Clamps is the Mistresses torturing tool of choice plus a nice Nipple biting ritual. Helpless in the recurrence of her mistress' LU ---ST - luscious Maid is bound and sexually pleasured reaching multiple orgasms vaginal and clitorial stimulation. The maid is an accomplice in the mistress' VANITY ... and in the end VANITY dominates all!

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