Schoolgirl Molly

Released at: October 23, 2012 by Billie West Productions
Two more great sets from the awesome Molly Winters. In this DVD Molly is in the classroom dressed up in her schoolgirl uniform wearing her high top sneakers looking mighty spiffy. What? She forgot to wear panties? She really is a naughty schoolgirl. She is supposed to be reading but she wants to play. But first she has to pee but she can't leave the room so she just pees on the floor. Being the naughty schoolgirl she grabs the paddle that her teacher uses and spanks her own ass until it is nice and red; spreading wide to give you an close and personal peek. She then pulls out her favorite vibrator and has a great big orgasm on top of the school desk. Next Molly is in her boudoir wearing a cute outfit with vintage stockings she got in Jersey. This outfit really makes her body look nice and sleek. Knowing how Molly likes to play she opens up and shows you how she is not wearing any panties and begins to get wet and horny. She is one of the few girls out there that can suck her own nipples and that really gets her turned on and makes her pussy nice and wet. Removing the outfit, she takes herself to a fantastic orgasm, getting wet all over the place.

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