Schoolgirl #4 - A Madman Liar

Released at: January 8, 2009 by Tommy Kaye Productions
Two troublemakers are left in detention. Their teacher leaves them without any supervision, because she is having a stormy romp with her colleague across the hall. But her students decide not to waste a fortunate break and go full speed ahead with their own roll in the hay. Of course that's when the Principal happens to step in and catch them in the middle of the act, so to speak. You would think the students are in a deep trouble, but the cunning Principal suggests an interesting way out of the predicament! After all, he is not just a Principal, but also is a proud owner of a sex shop as well! Witness steamy hot sex scenes in the middles of classes! See highly inventive sex instructor guiding inexperienced rookies to some real fun! This is the last installment in the famous series and it is loaded with new sizzling action and incredibly hot-steaming ladies!

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