Savannah Fox Vs London River

Released at: January 3, 2020 by Kink Clips
Welcome to the Queen of the Mats Summer Series Tournament on Ultimate Surrender. We have 13 of This season's finest veterans and Rookies in a single knockout Seeded tournament. Today we have our #11 ranked wrestler put against our #5 ranked wrestler. London River is our #11 wrestler. She is a Tall Blonde, Slender wrestling with surprising strength. Savanna Fox l is our #5 ranked wrestler. She's an all-Natural Big Booty goddess with unconventional wrestling moves and powerful Big booty girl strength. The wrestling starts out friendly but as the girls feel each other out, things start to change. We see the evolution of each girl throughout each round. The become much more serious and cruel towards each other as they realize anal is on the line. Round 3 is just a brutal erotic wrestling clinic. One wrestler completely dominates the other; trapping her on the mat and making her cum against her will again and again until she's nearly brought to orgasmic tears. The Winner then takes her Prize. She ties her opponent up in rope bondage with a vibrator strapped onto her leg so she must take it while she's getting fucked in the pussy and in the ass. The orgasms are so powerful and so frequent that the Loser nearly can't handle it. She is tied up and cannot get away and must take it. The winner spits on the losers face, Slaps her pussy until its red and then leaves the loser on the mats a beaten and broken disgrace.

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