Sadie Endures Perfectly

Released at: December 22, 2013 by Society SM
Sadie has a lot to go through, and she does so gracefully; from being roped up, and hung in the air suspended, to being bent over in such a humiliating, defenseless position. It's almost too much for her when her Master also controls her orgasm, fashioning a device where a pole is attached to a hitachi wand - the Gandalf of all magic wands! She endures all of this perfectly - and then some. Sadie Dawson, FeenixFeenix knows the situation...a local young lady with an appetite for being bound...and she's beautiful with a killer body...she has showed us all the pictures of the bondage she endured, at home, with one of her friends...I remember it looking like a very uncomfortable suspension...she said she liked it...Im sure Feenix and I were both thinking, good...He plans a day of strict bondage and Sadie endures perfectly...she proves to be very tough and very sincere in her of those rare submissives that enjoys the challenges and the rewards...

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