Roxy Mendez

Released at: February 15, 2014 by Femorg
Our first exposure to Roxy is an interesting one. She is seated in a modern, ergonomic, white chair wearing a white tank top and wine coloured short shorts. Roxy has a nice body ... But, I think I already mentioned that! She stands up from the chair to show off her toned, tanned, legs and firm backside. She takes the tank top off over her head revealing a bra that matches the short shorts. She fondles her pushed up natural breasts through the bra then lets her hands roam down to unzip the shorts. Roxy turns around, discarding the shorts to the floor. She sits back in her bra and panties gently rubbing her pussy through the satin-y panties. Roxy leans up to remove her bra and panties to continue the massage session. As she finger rubs her meaty pussy, Roxy begins to moan and whimper. Roxy gets up to saunter across the room and grab her magic wand. She settles back into the chair with the toy firmly pressed onto her pussy. She is whimpering, gasping and panting. She keeps that toy firmly in place, then lets out a big, deep, long moans, tossing her head back and arching as she cums. [There might have been one little twitching contraction]. When Roxy turns off the powerful magic wand and takes it off her pussy, oh, my, gosh! Her big pussy lips are even more puffy, pink and swollen!

Roxy walks into the bedroom wearing a green sleeveless t-shirt and pink and blue trimmed "cookie monster" cotton panties. She lies across the white bed, touching herself. She kneels on the bed, turning around to show off the backside of the panties which say, "Cookie time!" With her backside still to the camera, Roxy lifts her t-shirt off over head, then quickly rolls around, lying back on the bed. She plays with her firm, natural, breasts slipping a hand into her panties to rub her pussy, too. It's not long before she lifts her legs to peel off her panties, giving us a good glimpse of her large labia once more. It's not long before Roxy fires up her magic wand once more, bending over "doggystyle" on her knees. She keeps the toy going for a while while in the doggy position, but isn't quite able to get there, so she rolls over onto her back again. She places her arm above her head as she holds the toy on her meaty cooch. Then both hands go down to hold the big vibrator in place as Roxy starts panting and moaning. She begins to pant more rhythmically, taking a big deep breath and throwing her back into the bed as her hips curl upward. She is pressing down with her bottom and the toy into the bed as she cums once more, lifting her feet and toes off the bed. Roxy rides it out, with maybe one contraction spotted, then turns off the toy. Her pussy is really pink and swollen from the toy and her arousal once more.

Roxy is wearing a sleeveless dress and minty green panties as she lies back on a white leather chair. She hikes the dress so we can see her pretty panties, then she lifts the dress even higher so we can see her matching bra. She straddles the leather chair to lift the dress up and off over her head. Roxy has a nice firm tummy to match her toned legs. She slowly removes her bra straps, then drops her bra to the floor. She steps over the leather chair, slowly slipping the panties off and tossing her hair back. Now naked, Roxy straddles the modern leather recliner once more as she rubs her beefy cooch. Roxy lies back, continuing the rub as she fires up the magic wand once again. And, Roxy likes to keep the big powerful wand firmly seated on her pussy. She pants and moans - almost grunting - as she cums once more. She is able to ride out this orgasm for a long time, too before shutting off the toy and gasping. Roxy whimpers as she finger massages her swollen pussy.

Roxy is in the white room. She is wearing short, cut off denim shorts and a white bare midriff t-shirt. She turns her backside to the camera, putting her toned leg and foot up on the white sofa. She peels off the shorts, showing off her firm ass. She is wearing a sexy plum and black thong panty. When she turns around to take off the t-shirt we get to see the matching bra, too. Roxy stands in her lingerie, allowing us to admire her figure for a few moments before she settles back on the white sofa to touch her pussy through her pretty panties. Roxy slips her arms out of her bra straps, then unclasps the back of her bra showing off her nice, firm and perky tits. She settles back on the white pillows as she massages her body. Roxy slips off her panties, enjoying a thorough finger rub warm-up. Roxy turns on the magic wand, placing the head of the big vibrator on her clitoris and pressing firmly. Roxy is panting and softly moaning from time-to-time. She lies all the way back into the pillows of the sofa, really gasping now. Roxy's moans intensify as she cums, reaching an arm back over head and moaning. She rides it, then quickly turns off the toy, discarding it to the side of her. She finger massages her pussy, then spreads her big lips wide for the camera.

Roxy walks into the office area clad in a white with black trim bra and thong panty set. She admires her pretty lingerie and her body while standing, performing a slow strip tease. She takes her bra straps down, then turns around so we can really appreciate her nice, firm ass in her thong. She bends over, stretching her legs and showing off her junk in her panties. She turns back around and takes off her panties and her bra completely. Still standing, she starts to masturbate. Then, she sits down in a white leather chair. She fondles her breasts and finger massages her flapping pussy. Now ready to go, Roxy reaches for her magic wand. She places the head of the big vibrator firmly into her pussy lips and clitoris as she pants, arching her back. She holds onto the handle of the chair, with her bottom forward in the chair, as her inner thighs quiver. Roxy lets out a long, deep, moan as she curls upward, cumming with the magic wand once more. She lifts her foot up to the chair, then uses two hands to spread her meaty labia apart for the camera.

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