Rookie Agent Ripoffs 6

Released at: July 30, 2021 by Property Sex

Real estate agent Chuck is all ready for his open house when newbie realtor Bella Rose shows up saying their boss assigned the listing to her! There's just one way to settle this: Bella tells Chuck she'll suck his cock if he lets her make the sale. Chuck can't believe his eyes as his blonde spinner coworker gets naked and wraps her perfect blowjob lips around his shaft, and she gets so wet that she decides to ride him too! Bella has to clean the cum off her face just in time for her first open house to begin!

This prospective buyer thought his real estate agent Gianna Dior was flirting in all her emails and phone calls, so when they finally meet he asks her to dinner, but she can't go out with him because she has a boyfriend. But Gianna says that she can stay in with him instead...and starts sucking his big cock! This babe may not have been flirting before, but soon this horny hottie is asking him to fuck her pussy and play with her asshole, then paint her face with his jizz!

Blonde hottie Ivy Wolfe can't figure out why her house is still on the market. She's ready to do whatever it takes to persuade her interested prospective buyer to go all the way...including going all the way! This charming fox shows him the bedroom and then gets naked and lets him eat her pussy, then rides him till he leaves a deposit on her face!

After a terrible experience with her last renter, Riley Reid is thrilled to rent her spare room to chill surfer Johnny, and when he finds out she sometimes lets porn companies film in the house, he can't wait to move in! These two hit it off so well that they decide to make a little porno of their own: soon Riley is sucking Johnny's cock and then he gives her a deep pounding on his future bed, making that pussy cum, till she jacks him off on her face!

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