River Rock Women's Prison

Released at: May 25, 2020 by Triangle Films
The gates close behind you. You're stripped of your identity and reality strikes. Who are you? Meet Zerva and Joli, two new arrivals at River Rock Women's Prison. Joli is a first-time offender, naive and afraid. Zerva is a lifetime convict on yet another stint. They are worlds apart. Yet, they share a common need to find their place in this new world, a coal mine turned women's prison. Joli longs for comfort and assurance, which she finds under the protection of lifer Madam. Zerva craves control of the yard, a coveted position which she must fight for relentlessly. Her early encounters with crew leader Blak and Officer Nicole teach her that this won't come easy. From Sgt. Fire, who makes her living out of demanding respect and exercising control over the prisoners to Suga and X, who find happiness in their mutual companionship, it's just another day at River Rock. When Blak discovers an abandoned mining shaft and freedom is within their grasp, the inmates must face who they really are and where happiness really lies. A series of events lead Zerva into the hands of Warden Adams, who teaches her an unforgettable lesson in respect, discipline and freedom. A lesson in the only freedom she'll ever know, the ultimate freedom... surrender.

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