Rim And Blow #1

Released at: October 2, 2008 by Mike Nasty
Watch as 4 sweet newcummers suck cock and lick ass in Rim and Blow. Some girls love it, some don't, but who cares when her mouth is on your asshole and your cock is in her throat. Tia Summers: Tia is a cute Puerto Rican blonde who has shot a few scenes with me. She had no idea what a rim job was, but was excited to give it a try. Casey: Casey is a cute little teen who made one video, this one. She went to town licking my asshole, and sucked my cock like it was her last. Nikki: Nikki is kinda bitchy, but when it comes to licking ass for a buck she puts all of that aside and goes to town. I blew my load in her mouth which was a bit more than she could handle. Codi Carmichael: Codi is a newcumer as well, who goes to town on my ass like it's her last meal. I give her a huge facial and send her on her way.

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