Rick Savage's Streets Of N.Y. 3

Released at: June 3, 2008 by Pleasure Productions
This series began as an experiment, and it continues to be in the vanguard of open-air sex. It gives you, the viewer, something different. (Very different) But I must confess, I've fallen in love with the view of a totally naked lady in the rough, grey environment of the streets of New York City. Who are the ladies that appear in "The Streets of New York" They are my friends, acquaintances' or new discoveries. They are secretaries, dancers or porn actresses. For some of the ladies, it is their first time in front of a camera. Does all the sex happen outdoors? No, but it all begins there, if the streets get too crowded, we go back to my crib to finish what we started in the street. I hope you enjoy watching this series...because I sure enjoyed making it! It's some of the hottest sex I've ever had in my career!

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Scene1: 00:07:11 - 00:36:03 (28:52)

Scene2: 00:36:04 - 01:02:33 (26:29)

Scene3: 01:02:36 - 01:18:59 (16:23)

Scene4: 01:19:02 - 01:53:47 (34:45)