Rick Savage's Actual B&D Girlfriend 3

Released at: April 8, 2012 by Rick Savage
This is the final part in the trilogy of bondage videos legendary Master Rick Savage made with his girlfriend, Camille. Like volumes 1 and 2, the chemistry of a "real life" couple is obvious, AND the S&M is intense. I'll call this the nipple play volume, as Camille's beautiful nipples are the object of Rick's perverted creative punishments in his video. Like the first two, this movie appears to have been filmed in their apartment. As the video begins, Camille's natural breasts are tightly encased in a see-through, white bra. Savage puts leather restraints on her wrists and her biceps, then clips them together behind her back, causing her tits to jut forward. Rick strips off her skirt, and we see that Camille is wearing silver heels, white thigh high stockings and NO panties. Except for a neatly trimmed landing strip, Camille's pussy is completely shaved. Rope is now used to connect the leather restraints to a bolt in the ceiling. Rick now slides Camille's titties out over the top of the bra, squeezes her tits, tweaks nipples, then stuffs her boobs back into the bra. At first we were disappointed to see her tits covered again, but we have to admit, her full natural boobs looked VERY sexy barely covered by the sheer, see-through fabric of the bra. Rick "warms her up" with a combination of breast flogging and barehanded squeezing and teasing. Savage raises the bar when he begins using a rubber flogger on Camille's tender tits. He pulls those natural boobies out of the bra again so the rubber strands of the flogger can maximize their stinging effect on Camille's tit flesh AND so that Rick can inflict some of his favorite kind of tit punishment - barehanded tit play. At this point, Camille's erect nipples look VERY awake. Again and again, the wicked little rubber flogger crashes into Camille's nipple erections. Camille smiles, almost defiantly. Occasionally, Rick wipes the smile off her face with an exceptionally hard blow. Next, Rick blindfolds his girlfriend. Now, she doesn't know when or upon which nipple the flogger will strike. The stinging blows are relentless, and Camille's definitely not smiling now. As a sudden surprise, Rick applies ice cubes to Camille's nipples. This elicits an opera of moans and groans from his vulnerable "girlfriend slave." The camera zooms in close on each nipple as the ice mercilessly rubs and melts its way across her rock hard, chewy nips. Rick now applies an ice cube to her clit, while using his other hand to keep an ice cube pressed against her nipple. Camille's naked body is twitching and squirming mightily as Rick just won't let up on the ice. Then, because she's still blindfolded, the lovely Camille never sees it coming. Thwack! The rubber flogger comes crashing down on a nearly frozen nipple. Again and again, the wicked flogger nails Camille directly on her cold, hard nipples. Finally, we're on to the next scene. We now find Camille, naked except for her stockings and heels, bound to a desk chair with plenty of rope. She faces the back of the chair so her natural tits just rest on the top of the back of the chair. As we've seen him do a handful of times, Rick has created "adjustable" nipple weights. He's used twine, duct tape and large plastic baggies. The twine connects the empty plastic bag to each nipple and is tightly tied around each nipple. Now he slowly, gradually pours water into each baggie. The weight of the "water baggies" pulls her nipples floorward, distending them, deforming them. Camille's nipples are now a dark shade of purple. Rick gives her a break by lifting the baggies a few inches, taking the weight off. But then, suddenly, "break's over," as he drops the bags causing a delightful yelp to leap from Camille's lips. Then, more water and more water. The sight is amazing. Finally, the weight is too much and one water baggie slips off its nipple. Savage zooms his camera in on the one remaining bound, purple nipple. He gently caresses the breast, noting how smooth the skin is because the sheer weight of the bag of water is stretching her tit towards the floor. Camille asks for more water in the one bag still connected to her nipple, and Rick obliges. MORE water is poured into the bag. For nipple play fans, this footage is just awesome, breathtaking. Finally, the twine slips off the nipple and kind Master Rick sooths Camille's sore, swollen nipples with an ice cube. What a guy! In the next sequence, Camille is bound to the chair but facing outwards. Nipple clamps connected with a small chain are affixed to her tender nipples, and Camille is now permitted to "self inflict" some nipple punishment as Master Rick commands Camille to hold the chain in her teeth. In this painful position, she receives a vigorous pussy spanking. Then, on the very tips of her nipples that stick out past the nipple clamps, Rick applies small, sharp, very wicked hair clips. The teeth bite deeply into Camille's sore nipples. Again, the site is amazing. Then the harsh pussy spanking continues as Camille becomes breathless. Finally, the sharp little hair clips are removed from Camille's tender nipples, and the camera fades. This is truly hot nipple play, and Camille looks great.

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