Real Wife Stories Vol. 10

Released at: July 28, 2011 by Brazzers
"Friday I'm In Love" - Nikki and Scott's marriage is in a rut. When Nikki's friend Britney comes to stay with them, a threesome with two big titted blondes is just what this marriage needs. "New Neighborhood Slut" - Keiran can't help but notice his new neighbor sunbathing topless in her back yard. When his wife notices, he is forced to go over and take care of business. "Sisterhood of the Traveling Husband" - Bill and his wife are staying with his sister-in-law while they look for a new place. When his wife neglects him for her new job, Bill finds solace in the arms of his sister-in-law. "Barbados Bound" - Rhylee finds her husband's packed suitcase and thinks she is getting a surprise trip. When he leaves with his mistress, she gets even by fucking his assistant. "Block Out Your Husband...Now Fuck Me" - Sophie is seeing a psychiatrist to help her with her problems at home. After being put under deep charms and spells, she wakes up with a dripping wet pussy and ready to fuck.

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Cali Lakai

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