Real Sex Magazine 42

Released at: May 17, 2006 by Exquisite
18 year-old Kaylee is this slammin' hot California blonde making her 1st video appearance. Kaylee has an incredible big-butt that drives guys wild when she shakes it at the dance club where she works. And Jay's dick goes right up her poop-chute during this rockin' scene! We sometimes wish they all could be California girls! We have described girls as super-horny in previous RSM vids, but none are any hotter than 19 year-old Mandi. This girl is truly insatiable and wants to be fucked hard for hours-on-end every day - in her pussy and ass. On the horny scale of 1-10, Mandi describes herself as a 20! We agree! One of the most energetic scenes in recent memory! For all you big-tit fans out there, we offer Lex and her stunning D-cup juggs. She is a college exchange student from Washington State. She loves sex but has never had an orgasm before. She tries for her 1st with Lee and the pocket-rocket vibrator. Does she succeed? See for yourself and you be the judge! Freckle-faced Christy Sage just turned 18 about a month ago and is still in high school. She hopes to graduate this semester. We enrolled her in sex-school for a crash course in orgasm 101. She did her homework diligently and was rewarded with her 1st climax ever. She is now ready to take on the rigors of adult life!

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