Rachel Steele Classics Volume 16

Released at: December 9, 2011 by Red MILF Productions
Scene 1 - Birthday Surprise Jack has just turned eighteen so Rachel has a very unique present in mind for him. She gathers Kylie and Britney around the kitchen table and proposes that they that they all give themselves to Jack for his birthday present. The women get very horny when they start discussing the details and before you know it they are all climbing up on the table and pulling off their clothes. The young gals lick and suck each other while running their hands all over each other. Rachel presents each girl with a tit to suck. Rachel rubbed both their pussies to orgasm as they sucked on her tits. It is unbelievable that Kylie's orgasmic screams did not wake up Jack. After they all came several times, Rachel announced it was time to wake Jack and give him his birthday fuck. Scene 2 - Rachel walks quietly into Jack's bedroom and tells him it is time to get up. He is a little surprised that she is wearing thigh high boots and a bra that exposes her nipples. Kylie is wearing little more than a pair of panties, and Britney is in sexy lingerie. Rachel tells Jack he gets to have sex with them as a birthday surprise. The girls slowly peel off each piece of clothing and let it drop to the floor. Once they are both naked, they climb into bed. Britney starts jerking off Jack even before Kylie can get her panties off. Britney moves up to Jack's head and lets him suck on her tits as Kylie takes over working on his cock. Rachel fondles Jack's balls and feeds him her tits while Kylie continues to jerk off his cock. Jack has been looking at all those shaved pussies and cannot resist the urge to lick them. He motions for Britney to turn around and sit on his face. She plants her wet pussy on his face as he spreads her lips as wide as possible and goes straight for her clit. He has definitely done this before. Rachel tells Kylie to sit on Jack's cock while he licks Britney's pussy. Jack's cock almost immediately gives Kylie an orgasm while Rachel continues to fondle his balls. Kylie reaches over and plays with Britney's ass while Jack plunges his tongue into her pussy. Britney returns the favor by sucking on Kylie's tits and rubbing her clit while she is bouncing up and down on Jack's cock. Jack cannot handle the stimulation anymore, so he shoots his load in her pussy. Scene 3 - Kylie quickly mounts Jack's face and he spreads her pussy lips wide and sucks on her clit. Rachel climbs between Jack's legs and sucks his cock as she fingers Britney's pussy. Britney lends a hand by massaging his balls while their mother sucks him off. After Kylie cums, she climbs off and joins Britney at Jack's cock. They start to jerk him to pull the second load out of him. Rachel is impatient to see him shoot his next load, so she climbs back between his legs and resumes sucking his cock. The younger gals continue to fondle and suck each other as the MILF sucks Jack. When he is ready to shoot his load, she tells the girls to cum closer and she shoots it all over their tits, bellies and faces. Scene 4 - Rachel's Reverse Gangbang Rachel told Jack she was going to bring over her girlfriends and they were all going to fuck him; a reverse gangbang. He had thought she was kidding, but one day the MILF walked in wearing lingerie and high heels with three of her girlfriends similarly attired. He tried to play it cool, but he was getting turned on with all these older women around him. He was already hard when Sabrina pulled his shorts down and jammed his cock in her mouth. The women all knew they were going to share so, after pulling off their tops, Karinne took a turn on blowing him. Ember joined Karinne on his cock and then took over for herself, then was soon replaced by Rachel. They dragged him down on the floor, and Karinne promptly covered his face with her wet pussy. Everyone was taking turns sucking and licking him as he ate Karinne's pussy until she had a loud orgasm. Ember hopped on top of him and started bouncing up and down on his cock. He was hitting all the right places, and she was screaming her lungs out. Tits and tongues were being sucked while he was satisfying two women. After Ember's orgasm, Rachel told everyone to switch places. Rachel grabbed his cock and helped guide it into Sabrina's waiting pussy while Ember plopped her freshly fucked pussy on his face. Rachel did not want to wait any longer for some satisfaction, so she grabbed Karinne and shoved her face into her pussy. Karinne loves to lick pussy. Rachel and Sabrina orgasm simultaneously - one cums from Karinne's talented tongue and one from Jack's hard, young cock. Scene 5 - Rachel does not give Jack a break. As soon as Sabrina climbs off his cock, she sucks her pussy juices off him. After she has him cleaned up, she turns the cock over to Karinne's talented hands. Rachel and Ember's mouths hover nearby to catch the cum as it flies. All four women are jerking him at the same time. They can barely find room for all four of their hands. He grabs Ember's ass cheeks and spreads them as far apart as he can. She decides to give him even better access and straddles his face. Her pussy hovers above his face, and he strokes his fingers in and out of her wet pussy. She sinks down on his face as Karinne and Sabrina each suck a tit. Rachel is still happily perched between Jack's legs, jerking and sucking his hard cock. The jerking action of all the women was too much for him. He announced that he was ready to cum. They all lined up in front of the couch so they could catch the cum. Rachel was fingering herself and Ember in anticipation. Then she reached over on the other side and fingered Karinne. She had a pussy in each hand. Sabrina liked what she saw and slid a finger into Rachel's wet pussy. At the last second, Rachel decided to grab the cum for herself. She knelt in front of Jack and sucked him to the back of her throat. He shot a nice load in her mouth. Instead of swallowing it, she let it dribble on all the women's faces and tits. Scene 6 - Rachel is ready to get fucked. She climbs on top of their young lover and shoves his cock inside. She rides him hard while the other women smack her ass and feel her tits. She continues to ride until she collapses on him after orgasm. She rolls off, and Karinne climbs right on. Rachel lends a hand by massaging his balls while Karinne fucks him. Karinne cums fast and gets an ass smack after her orgasm. MILF Rachel directs everyone to line up side by side so Jack can fuck each of them, one after another. As he fucks each one, he plays with the pussy of the girl next to him. He starts out with Rachel and plays with Ember's wet pussy. He moves over to Ember and she screams and jerks around so much he has to hold on to her skinny hips with both hands. Sabrina plays with Karinne's tits and sucks face with her while she waits her turn. Rachel and Ember play with their pussies as he bangs Sabrina from behind. He buries a finger in Karinne's pussy while he continues to fuck Sabrina. Last but not least, Karinne gets fucked so hard her tits are swinging all over the place. She collapses on her face after a huge orgasm. Rachel and Sabrina take turns sucking him while Karinne has Ember on her hands and knees. Ember's cheeks are spread to reveal her pussy and asshole, which Karinne is exploring. Karinne buries her face between Ember's ass cheeks, licking her ass and twat. The women form a half circle around him on their knees, waiting for the load. He grabs his cock and shoots a load all over their faces. The women are insatiable and tell him they want more.

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