Rachel Steele Classics Volume 11

Released at: October 1, 2011 by Red MILF Productions
Scene 1 - The Forbidden Room Derek had been told to keep out of Rachel's office many times. His curiosity got the best of him one day and he snuck into the office. He looked around the office and did not find anything unusual. What is the big deal? He opened the closet door and found all kinds of strange outfits, latex, satin, leather, short skirts and dresses. He opened drawers to find thong panties, huge dildos and vibrators. He turned on her computer and started looking at videos. He found a video of Rachel on her knees sucking a big cock while talking on the telephone. He pulled out his cock and started jerking off to the video. He was close to cumming when Rachel and her girlfriend Stacie walked into the office. She was seriously pissed off to find him in her office and watching a movie of her sucking off a stranger. Rather than cower when she confronts him, he challenges her and subtlety suggests he might tell some people about her pastime. She knows the easy way to keep him quiet. She tells Stacie to get on her knees and suck his cock. Derek is thrilled about the way this confrontation is working out. Rachel lets Stacie do him solo while she finds some oil. She pours some oil on his cock, starts jerking him off and leans over and sucks his cock down to the root. She lets Stacie go back to work on his cock while she puts her leg up to give him full access to her wet shaven pussy. Derek works his fingers in and out of Rachel's pussy while Stacie deep throats his cock. They keep it up until he blows his load on their hands. Scene 2 - Stepson Gets Jealous of Rachel Going Out It is Saturday night and MILF Rachel gets dressed to go out and get some cock. Her stepson tells her he does not like it when she goes out and brings men home. He wants her to stay home with him. Rachel explains she is a mature woman with sexual needs that are not being met. He begs her to stay home with him. She asks him if he is jealous and he reluctantly admits that he is. Rachel hugs him and invites him to sit in the bathroom while she puts her perfume on to make him feel better. He looks at her tight skirt and lace bra and he gets hard. Rachel consoles him and feels his bulge in his pants. She decides to take care of him before she goes out. Rachel pulls his pants down and strokes his cock slow and gentle. She knows he will cum immediately if she is aggressive. She sucks and licks him, caressing his strong chest and whispering a sweet word to him. She stands up and lifts her skirt so he can see her bare pussy. He slides a finger into her dripping wet pussy as she reaches down and strokes his hard cock. Rachel strokes and sucks him until he tells her he is going to cum. She pulls his load out of him like no other girl has ever done to him. Rachel assures him she will be with him all night. Scene 3 - MILF Instruction - New Student Blake Don't we wish there were women around like Rachel when we were 19? Rachel is instructing young guys in the art of pleasing a woman. Her young boy toys have referred Blake to her for instruction. She stresses the importance of going slow and getting a woman aroused. She starts out with having him massage her legs and neck. Rachel knows he is hard already. She tells him he must go slowly, because women do not like to be rushed. Blake is an excellent student and he does everything she tells him. She reminds him this will take several sessions of instruction. Rachel puts her hand out for him to rub; he pulls it close to his crotch. Rachel feels his cock standing up. She decides to let him play with her breasts. Rachel straddles him and opens her blouse to expose her tits in his face; she wants to see if he knows how to suck nipples. She moans with pleasure as she lies back on the couch and spreads her legs, showing him her black lace panties. He slowly strokes the inside of her thighs as directed. Rachel will not let him pull her panties down, but she lets him rub her pussy to see if he knows how to touch her clit. She then sits up and pulls his jeans off to inspect his cock. Rachel puts her mouth on his cock to judge the girth and strength. Blake tells her he is going to cum. Rachel stops and pulls her blouse back together. He is not ready to cum yet for Rachel. She tells him that this is the first session, and he will have to come back for a second one to do that. Scene 4 - MILF Instruction - Blake's Second Lesson Rachel has Blake over again for his second session. She has him slowly undress her. She turns her back to him and takes his trembling hands. She places them on her huge tits and lets him squeeze them and kiss her neck. Rachel moans out load, this excites Blake as he knows he is doing well. She takes his hand and guides it to her pussy, he squeezes it. Rachel spins around and pulls him down to the couch. She tells him to play with her pussy. She is surprised that he finds her clit right away. Rachel tells him she thinks he has had some sort of instruction before. He just smiles at her. He rubs her clit harder making her grab at his shirt, she tries to push him away but he is strong and young and would not budge. Rachel gives in and tells him to do whatever he wants to her pussy, he pulls her panties to the side and furiously fucks her with his fingers. Rachel screams out in ecstasy. He finger fucks her faster and she cums all over his hand. Rachel pushes him off of her and tells him it is his turn, she pulls his cock out and starts to suck hard, taking all of it. He cannot hold his cum like older men and blows his load in her mouth and on her face. He did well, but Rachel thinks he has more to learn. Scene 5 - You Did a Pathetic Job Rachel had hired a young man from down the street to do her yard work. She arrives home after work and does a quick inspection of her lawn and is not satisfied with the job. She calls Mathew and orders him to come to her house. She sits him down and begins to lecture him on the crappy job he did. She notices that he is trying to discreetly look at her body while she berates him. Apparently he is getting turned on. She humiliates him verbally and questions his manhood. Rachel pulls his pants down to see how his cock measures up. She laughs at it. She asks him if he can do anything right. Rachel takes his cock and strokes it. She takes her dress off and stockings. She sits back and plays with his cock with her pretty polished toes, she noticed he had been staring at her feet. After a few minutes of that she licks his hard cock, makes fun of him and tells him his cock would never satisfy her. She stops and calls another woman in the neighborhood, she tells her friend what she is doing to him, and they laugh. Rachel sucks his cock, and tells him what she has in store for him and his load of pathetic cum. Scene 6 - Give Me Your Cum Rachel has the neighbor's son at her mercy. She humiliates him for the lousy job he did on her lawn, she jerks and sucks his cock telling him that boys his age need to cum on a regular basis into deserving hands like hers. As she jerks him off she yells at him that he is not doing it right. She shows him the right way to jerk off, and tells him she deserves his hot young cum. He is hard as a rock and willing to do whatever she tells him. She is not impressed with his cock and tells him so, she works the sensitive head with her hand, and she has a glass ready. Rachel wants him to cum in the glass so she can inspect it and see if he can cum right. She milks him until he blows his wad into the glass for her, she looks at the amount and laughs at him, telling him she deserves better. She holds the glass to her face, smelling it, then tilts her head back and opens her mouth pouring his pathetic deposit into her mouth. She shows him that she could take a lot more than he gave. Rachel then calls her friend back and tells her what she did, they both laugh and plot the next adventure. Scene 7 - Lazy Bum Cums Rachel comes home to find her

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