Purzel Video 124 - Anal Qual Nr. 3

Released at: October 4, 2013 by Purzel
Tanya is a slim and fit short haired blonde who loves getting fucked in the ass hard. Out in the garden shed, she sucks her man off and he sucks her off before sticking his finger up her ass to prepare her for a good old exercise in anal stretching. Sabine comes out of the pool to greet two guys stroking themselves off in the backard. Clad in a skimpy black bikini, she places herself between the two men and takes over stroking their cocks for them. Soon, she is bobbing back and forth between the two cocks sucking them off before sitting cowgirl on one guy while the other fucks her mouth. The two guys alternate fucking both her pussy and her ass before coming all over her body and face. Petite and pig-tailed, the small breasted Vroni gets in the 69 position to both give and get oral sex before positioning her tight little sphincter onto her boyfriend's cock. She takes it like a champ until her man strokes off and drops his load on her perfectly shaved pussy.

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