Princess Trisha From Asgard

Released at: September 24, 2021 by Dirty Doctors Videos
Here's a bit of Fantasy roleplay for you all to enjoy, I'm Princess Trisha from Asgard and Sister to the Mighty Thor himself and I have come to Earth to help him in his fight against Evil, and like Thor I have my Hammer of power and let me show you how I use it, but first I finger my pussy getting it nice and wet ready to insert the shaft of the hammer deep into my cunt and I pound away until I reach orgasm and squirt everywhere then I sit on it and ride it and once again I squirt but now its time to lay back and really give my pussy a pounding thrusting it relentlessly in and out of my very wet and juicy cunt I pause to suck the juices from its shaft and finger fuck myself some more before sliding it once again into my cunt it feels so good I just cant stop and I pummel my cunt ruthlessly until I reach an almighty climax, now I am totally satisfied it time to join my brother Thor and the rest of the Avengers in their fight against the Evil forces in this Universe. Princess Trisha xxx

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