POV Cuckold Vol. 5

Released at: July 23, 2013 by Roman Video
Your wife - yes, your wife! - is the blonde mega-beauty Carolyn Reese, and she on her knees gazing up at you, taking your dick in her soft, warm mouth. You're the luckiest guy in the world, right? Guess again! As she blows you, Carolyn tells you that your cock is pathetic, that she needs to go out and get fucked by a real man. You try to protest, but her oral skills quickly encourage you to agree. She slaps your cock and squeezes your balls. She insists that you not jerk off while she's gone, so she locks you little manhood in a chastity device. Before leaving, she sits on your face and makes you warm up her pussy. Later, Carolyn is on her knees again, this time in front of a bigger, better cock! She's found another man to be her lover and he's superior to you in every way. She gobbles huge erection while verbally humiliating you. Then she takes her new lover to bed where he fucks her doggy style to a powerful orgasms. The sex continues with her riding cowgirl and reverse cowgirl, then 69. As she sucks her lover, she announces that she's going to lock his cock up to. She wants to control all her boys' cocks! Her newly enslaved lover fucks her again and blasts a massive load of cum deep inside her. Carolyn returns home to you and reveals all that cum slowly bubbling out of her twat and into her red lace panties. She makes you get on your knees to lick it up. Then off to the bedroom where the semen continues gushing. You keep eating it, but it keeps seeping out of her. She orders you to fuck her cum filled pussy. She releases you from your chastity device and you eagerly drive your aching cock into her sloppy hole. You thrust yourself into that gooey sperm swamp until you explode adding your own cum to the mix. Carolyn then sits on your face to let all those hot, slimy, nasty fluids drain into your mouth.

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