POV Cuckold Vol. 3

Released at: July 22, 2013 by Roman Video
ight off the bat, your sexy hot wife Tatiana Kush has you in your place: on your knees, gazing up at her as she waves her strap-on dildo in your face. She caresses her young, firm flesh and her long, thick dildo, telling you she's going to go out and find other, bigger, better men to fuck. Your dick? That tiny thing is going to get locked up in a chastity device while the key hangs around her neck. Next, you're lying on the bed as she grinds her pussy on your chastity locked penis. So close, but so far, she drives you crazy teasing you with what you can't have. Then she sits on your face, ordering you to get her pussy ready for the big cocks she's going to fuck.

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