POV Cuckold Vol. 27

Released at: December 4, 2013 by Roman Video
Your sexy stepdaughter Emily Kae can't help but gossip about you with her girlfriend over the phone. She tells them her plans to dominate you into her cuckold bitch. When you walk in on her, your fate is sealed. Before you can stop her, your cock is in her hand, in mouth, down her throat! You protest, you tell her it's wrong, but she won't listen and neither will your dick. Soon, she has you making promises to serve and obey her. To pleasure only her, and to not touch her mom ever again. Then you're on your back and Emily is riding you. You can't believe how hot, tight, and wet her young fresh pussy is as it slides up and down your ragin hard on. You'd do anything to make this feeling last. Forget it! Emily locks your penis in chastity and taunts you with the key around her neck. Later she returns from a date, her pussy gushing with her boyfriend's sperm. She orders you to suck up the nasty creampie or she'll tell her mom. You lick up the massive load from her pussy, her thighs, her ass. The humiliation continues as she brings home her boyfriend and fucks him while you watch. His younger, bigger, harder, vastly superior cock pounds her into ecstacy in numerous positions while you burn with shame. She verbally humiliates you while she gets plowed. After he cums inside her twice, your stepdughter lies back and commands you to suck out the fresh, hot loads of slimy white seed. Satisfied with your service, she releases you from chastity.. but then puts you in pantyhose. You resist, but she plants her still spermy pussy on your face to muffle your protests. Excited by the feminization, you try to jerk off, but she pushes your hands away. She lets you fuck her stretched out pussy while you wear the hose, but all the while makes you say how much you love being a cuckold stepdaddy bitch.

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