POV Cuckold Vol. 10

Released at: July 24, 2013 by Roman Video
Your wife is hot, big boobed blonde Krissy Lynn, and you'll give her whatever her heart desires. And her heart desires huge cock in her pussy! She greets you wearing black latex and an evil grin. She promises to suck your dick like it's never been sucked before... but only if you agree to let her fuck other guys. A lot of other guys! She teases you puny member with her warm, wet mouth until you finally acquiesce. She sits on your face and commands you to prepare her pussy for the bigger cocks she's going to fuck. You lick her hole as she shakes her pale ass on your head. Then she locks your tiny dick in a chastity device and brings in a random stranger to fuck her. She gasps with surprise, pain, and pleasure as his monster cock pushes into her for the first time. She screams as her pussy is stretched and battered as he pounds her. She cries out how much bigger and better his cock is than yours as she rides it to multiple orgasms while looking straight into your eyes. The stranger blasts a big, thick load inside her, then she wiggles her dripping butt in your face. She lies back, spreads open and makes you lap up the salty, slimy mess. Later, she comes home and starts sucking your long suffering dick. She tells you she just returned from fucking two big black guys and they both filled her pussy with cum. You protest, but she then makes you fuck her so you can feel their nasty semen squish around you cock. Even though she can barely feel you tiny erection is her stretched out twat, she rides you until you both cum. Then she orders you to suck up the multi-sperm cocktail.

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