Pounding TS Annette Rae's Hole

Released at: January 26, 2023 by SydneyScreams4u
Annette Rae Love and Sydney Screams have just spent a week together but never got a chance to fuck. They start making out and touching each other, their hands caressing each other as they explore each other for the first time. Sydney loves to play with tits and hungrily licks & sucks at Annette's perky small tits before Annette pulls Sydney's soft, big natural tits out to return the favor. Annette has to use both hands to cup Sydney's big naturals as the two girls playfully indulge in foreplay. Sydney doesn't waste any time getting down to business and goes down on Annette, sucking her girldick and massaging her external p-spot. Annette's girlcock doesn't get fully hard, but it's easy to see just how much she's enjoying Sydney's mouth. Before Sydney straps up, Annette wants to taste her pretty pink pussy and spreads Sydney open to lick her pussy! After these horny lesbians go down on each other, Sydney straps up and Annette rides Sydney's strap-on as her girldick swings and bounces. Sydney loves throwing strap and wants to get behind Annette so she can pound Annette's tight ass until she cums. It's a wonder these lovers didn't hook up sooner in the week!

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