Released at: December 12, 2006 by Freedom Distributing
The Legend Of Pornocchio - There was a place not far away, a time not long ago a lonely man who made a puppet called Pornocchio He gave him eyes and arms and hands and feet complete with toes But every time he tells a lie, it's not his nose that grows!! So well endowed a doll was he that everywhere he goes All the ladies in the land line up for him in rows!! He learns of love, he learns of life, his knowledge it doth show As women scream "Tell me more lies!" it's not his nose that grows!! He meets good, bad and ugly too, he has his highs and lows Throughout the land the people say, "He's horny and it shows!!" Pornocchio, Pornocchio, your story ebbs and flows, And it's the truth that when he lies, its not his nose that grows!!

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