Pick Up Lines Number 29

Released at: September 30, 2007 by Silverstone Entertainment
Watching the latest pick up lines footage, what will Dalia and Jet Richards see? Jessica sunbathes next to the beautiful Bel Air swimming pool that Mike Long is cleaning. But sunbathing and pool cleaning aren't as fun as kissing and fucking. The action turns especially hot when Mike fucks Jessica's ass and creams her face! Alex Sanders tapes pretty Blair Segall and Elly Mae showering, kissing and playing with each other's titties. They continue in the boudoir, till Alex is so turned on that he joins the fun. He fucks Blair and blows his wad in her face as Elly looks on. In a palatial Beverly Hills mansion Shay Sweet and Philmore Butts make heated oral and anal love, and Shay's face gets splattered with sperm. Mark Anthony picks up adorable Inari in his new red Viper. She's so turned on that she blows him as he drives. Back at his house they have sex in many positions... right against the car. Inari earns a facial reward. A game of pool between Mark Davis and Anita Dark is forgotten when the horny couple decides to play a better game on top of the pool table. That match ends with Anita's face bathed in semen. Such an eyeful puts Jet and Dalia in a predictably horny predicament. So Jet carries her into the bedroom for some passionate play and a facial pay off.

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