Perfect Facesitter, The

Released at: July 24, 2013 by Roman Video
The perfect mistress demands absolute perfection from her man. If your pussy licking and ass worship is anything less than perfect, prepare yourself for severe punishment. Scene One - In a point of view so close, you feel the heat radiating from her tanned, oiled flesh, Heidi Mayne spreads her butt cheeks and orders you to bury your face. She orders you to lick her tits. She opens her pussy for your tongue, but is dumbfounded at your pathetic performance. "Do you need a road map? Lick the clit!" On the bed, she FACESITS naked Slave Ryan, SMOTHERING him with her heavy ass. She spins and grinds her pussy on his mouth. She sees him frantically masturbating and smacks his hand off his dick. "I'm the only one who gets pleasure here!" she tells him. She nearly breaks his nose with her angry SIDE SADDLE FACESITTING. He tongues her asshole as best as he can, but she's not satisfied. She gets on her hands and knees and pulls him into her for some serious BUTT WORSHIP. More FACESITTING follows, but when she notices that he keeps stroking his cock no matter how many times she spanks him for it, she decides sterner measures are in order. She shackles him to the stairway so he can no longer play with himself and she can stay focused. She stands over him and feeds him her dripping pussy until she finally has enough. Scene Two - You're on your knees to worship HUGE BREASTED Mistress Carmella Bing in a teasing POV. She laughs at you as you eagerly obey her command to worship her ass. "You're only good for your fucking tongue and your wallet", she tells you. She teases you with her tight ass and shaved pussy before raising you off the floor to be SMOTHERED IN HER TITS. On the bed, Brandon can't contain his absolute glee at having Mistress Carmella sitting on his face. He furiously strokes his cock while she grinds on him ruthlessly. She spreads her butt and he drives his tongue repeatedly into her ass. She laughs at his pathetic eagerness.

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Scene1: 00:00:44 - 00:29:45 (29:01)


Scene2: 00:29:46 - 00:57:55 (28:09)