Panty Cuties Vol. 4

Released at: August 6, 2006 by Basement Broadcasting
Poor Katrina is swallowed up in a big leather wingback chair, which gives us a nice look at her panties. She is nineteen and was just starting out on her porn career when this was filmed. We learn quite a bit about her before she teases us by playing with her panties and showing how she masturbates. Alex is 18 in her very first video. She is wearing see through blue panties that expose her completely shaven pussy and the small tattoo close to her pubis. A phantom hand caresses her body and the satiny smoothness of her panties. Angelina, a sexy young French Canadian, poses for a panty photo shoot. She is dressed in her school clothes and a hot red satin thong that matches the color of her thigh high stockings. Rebecca is another Quebec beauty. She is studying to be a sexologist. She is an exhibitionist and soon is showing us her sheer yellow bra and panties. She has a big meaty pussy that presses up against the tight transparent fabric of her full bottom panties. Mika and Shayna are two girlfriends who love panties and love playing with each others' panties and pussies. Mika wears a very tiny thin purple thong, which quickly reveals a wet spot from the poking it gets from Shayna. Soon both girls' panties are wet as they rub ice over nipples and pussies.

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Katrina B.

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