Oooooh! Wait A Minute!

Released at: September 4, 2006 by MyTickling
Mickey, 24 yrs old and a first time ticklee. Here she is set upon by our ler Brando who is intent on testing the various parts of her body for ticklishness. He pounces into action and starts on her ribs, and she responds by letting out a shreak of laughter! He then quickly moves down to her start tickling her feet, although she is not as ticklish here we get some good responses. Without warning, our ler then reverts to the upper body, tickling her with his busy fingers. Just when she thought that it couldn't get any worse, she is tickled by our 2nd ler, the masked tormentor and soon her full body is consumed with tickling hands.

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Scene1: 00:00:00 - 00:04:30 (4:30)


Mickey, Brando

Scene2: 00:04:31 - 00:16:02 (11:31)