Now You're Mine

Released at: May 31, 2013 by Lesbea
Cindy and Jessica are finally alone and they couldn't be happier to have the entire day to themselves. The fondness they have for one another can be visibly seen with the looks they share with one another. Cindy and Jessica recline on a sofa, a pair of delightfully ripe and inviting young women. Cindy has one of the most adorable faces you could dream of with her enticing eyes and full, kissable lips while Jessica's firm and tight young body begs to be grabbed hard and made love to. The girls kiss deeply as they let their hands roam, groping each other passionately; Cindy squeezing and playing with her lover's pert breasts underneath her tight vest before slipping her hand inside her tiny jean shorts. They really let themselves go and hunt for pleasure, pushing deep and hard for strong orgasms.

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