No Ordinary Day

Released at: January 13, 2014 by Society SM
Belle must have been under the impression that today would be a easy going, lackadaisical type of modeling day, but Phoenix quickly erases that thought as he bends her over the cube and gives her a taste. Belle agrees that she will be a shining example of obedience, and she will surely be put to the test as she seems ready to take direction...She stands at attention, obediently maneuvering herself where she is told, and Phoenix eases her into the spreader bar before he clamps her tits and shows her what bondage orgasms are made of. Then he spreads her wide and runs her through the paces with some TENS pads on her thighs, and the violet wand across her nipples and soles. As the shoot progresses, Belle begins to awaken to the fact that indeed, today is not an ordinary day, and even reaches a point where she is thoroughly enjoying what she is being handed. Ever the wiser, Phoenix reaches deeper into his bag of tricks and arches her over before coating her in wax. Then, Belle is down on all fours, bound from the rafters as she first feels the sting of the whips, before her final, shocking climax at the hands of Phoenix and the samurai...

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