Nineteen Video Magazine 48

Released at: May 18, 2006 by Dane Productions
Welcome to the hottest Video Magazine ever. We've got four hot scenes to choose from. First is "Birds & Bees." Pure Innocence...having been home-schooled in Europe, this hot little piece of sweet meat has never heard of sex, let alone experienced it... How sweet it is!! Second up, we've got "Brats Inc." Need to role-play a forbidden desire...Who you gonna call? Brats Inc. Third is "Pretty Princess." The hottest chunk of fresh meat this side of the border. Jenna Haze ... plays the rival of a schoolmate whose bitchy attitude is a...turn-on!! Finally, we have "The Big Kahuna." A surfer, beaches...a summer love that was once in a lifetime. Follow the chronicles of a young couple in love that had everything to lose and nothing to gain. Watch them fulfill their tragic destiny.

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Scene1: 00:01:29 - 00:25:55 (24:26)

Scene2: 00:28:36 - 00:44:30 (15:54)

Scene3: 00:46:18 - 01:02:22 (16:04)


Jenna Haze

Scene4: 01:05:09 - 01:21:20 (16:11)