Night Prowler 3 - Master Of Reality

Released at: March 3, 2008 by ZFX Productions
Otis Hearald is back as the notorious villain with an insatiable appetite for beautiful female flesh bound and gagged in Master of Reality. After repeated incarcerations and psycho-ward housings (from which he occasionally escaped), Otis has finally been cured of his diabolical life of deviance under the capable and tender care of the brilliant and lovely Dr. Maxine Winston. Well, sort of "cured." You see, it's now the year 2004, and Virtual Reality has replaced the jail cell for many criminals. Now able to "purge" themselves inside a computer generated world of their choosing, criminals live out their destructive fantasies without hurting others and without guilt. Otis is just such a VR success story! But can Otis be trusted alone with beautiful Dr. Max? The new Otis can, because he's already tied and played with her lots of times in VR. Dr. Max is one of his favorites and he plans to tie her up again today. He can't wait to stretch her luscious, naked body on his rack. VR isn't like reality, its better. Once a week, Otis comes in for his therapy, but he can have it anytime, anywhere he wants in an emergency. And what does Otis Hearald fantasize about? Come along as we journey deep into Otis's fetid mind. The setting is a "sleazy" bookstore peepshow, with a secret basement chamber. Otis puts on live shows with squirming beauties taken from the store above, who are mercilessly strung up and toyed for the pleasure of the seedy peep booth clientele. Watch as beautiful Dr. Max enters the bookstore looking for "research material." As she casually browses thru a bondage magazine, Otis is waiting there for her just down the aisle. Poor Dr. Max is grabbed by the fiend and soon finds her bound and stripped, eventually climaxing in a waxing. Leaving poor Dr. Max, Otis stalks Sindy Sinclaire, a nosy brunette reporter he saw on TV who happens to be doing a story on peepshows. After Sindy gets hot and bothered watching a bondage flick, she is grabbed by Otis and dragged back to his hidden lair. She too will be bound, gagged and humiliated, her sweat slicked body flogged until she is covered in welts. This is just the beginning. This movie features an incredibly creepy setting, luscious women, and the unusual action that made ZFX famous! Don't miss it!

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