Need Your Love

Released at: May 7, 2013 by Dane Jones
It's a beautiful summers day, a cool breeze dances across the lake and two lovers kiss passionately. Cayenne is a gorgeous young girl with the most incredibly beautiful and unique freckled-face, Zack is a very considerate lover and she feels safe with him, as her hands caress his muscular body she feels herself becoming intensely aroused. She wants to be his! Cayenne has an amazing blowjob technique, just check out how she can deep throat his rock hard cock and how she uses her tongue on his shaft. Zack makes her orgasm by going down on her delicious pussy, he just can't get enough of her scent and the taste of her juices as he enthusiastically and delicately eats her swollen wet vulva. When Cayenne climbs on top of him she is so aroused that we can see her creamy pussy drool glistening off his cock, and her asshole dilates. She looks so tight as he enters her. Zack has held on for so long that when he comes he covers her ass and her back in his hot sperm.

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