Naughty Teacher

Released at: September 28, 2015 by City Girlz
Ever have a crush on the cute teacher in school? Remember how BADLY you wanted her, and the pain of knowing you really didn't have a chance? What if you had that chance back in school, would you have the balls to bang her? Even if you know your girlfriend could pop back in anytime minute? Did you get an "A" for fucking, sucking and making out when in school? What if the teacher of your dreams taught that would you take the course? What if she showed up at your door and seduced you for the final exam, would you go for it? Well inside this story teacher/professor Sally D'angelo seduces and teaches all the moves to her student Connor Cox with nonstop action even when Connor's girlfriend catches them in the act, as the sparks fly Sally puts the little bitch right in her place and doesn't miss a stroke on her boyfriends 10" cock.

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