My One True Love

Released at: May 1, 2013 by Powersville Inc.
Meet Bailey, an aspiring romance novelist. Her characters act out her own personal fantasies. There's Heather, the girl who has always been in love with her best friend since childhood, but she is afraid if she acts on her feelings she could blow everything. Gia, the young woman swept off her feet by the prince and taken to Paris. Maddy, head over heels in love and showing off her engagement ring. Alysha, seeking desperately to find the one special guy for a long term relationship. Like the characters that grace the pages of her novels, Bailey is seeking that one true love. Maybe she has already found it!

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Scene1: 00:01:18 - 00:22:26 (21:08)

Scene2: 00:22:28 - 00:45:07 (22:39)


Gia Steel

Scene3: 00:45:09 - 01:12:11 (27:02)

Scene4: 01:12:13 - 01:25:47 (13:34)

Scene5: 01:25:49 - 01:56:00 (30:11)


Dahlia Sky