Morning Coffee For Step Mom

Released at: September 2, 2022 by Aglaea Group
Your step-mom, Krystal, wakes up horny every day, and today is no exception. She sits down with her morning coffee, not realizing you are still in the house, and picks up her latest erotic read. Coffee and romance make Krystal horny, so she spreads her thick MILF thighs to play with her wet pussy. Fortunately, she keeps a glass toy in the couch just for occasions like this, and she pulls it out to slide it into her hot, wet pussy. Krystal cums over and over on her toy as you watch from the other room. When she has had enough, she realizes you are watching her and scolds you. However, playing with herself has just made her MORE horny, so she pulls you by the (now) hard cock into the other room to have some fun with an actual cock.

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