More Dirty Debutantes #206

Released at: May 8, 2002 by Ed Powers Productions
MDD 206 boasts of beauty, sexiness and cuteness! Real all Real! Not scripted, not very planned, and very spontaneous! These girls show class, sexuality and eagerness! Jessie J. from England is sooo hot! We had a great time! This is a girl you would love to share a moment or two with. Paige is young, over 18 of course, and yet she's mature and knows what she wants. Genise is like a star sapphire! She has many sexy bright points! Yummy! Nyomi is an Asian sweetheart! Nyomi is sexy and eager to please too! High energy and lots of Ed-isms! Please Enjoy! Love, Ed Powers

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Scene1: 00:01:34 - 00:34:30 (32:56)

Scene2: 00:34:31 - 01:12:10 (37:39)


Jessie J.

Scene3: 01:12:11 - 01:41:31 (29:20)

Scene4: 01:41:32 - 02:13:00 (31:28)