Mom's Guide to Sex 8

Released at: November 17, 2020 by Crave Media
Melanie is shocked to discover that her stepmom, Alex, has been sleeping with her boyfriend. She confronts her stepmom who shockingly tells Melanie she'd be happy to teach her some tricks that will keep her man from straying. Aria catcher her stepmom cheating and doesn't know what to do, but Trinity knows that having her stepdaughter as an ally and an accomplice is one way to keep Aria from sharing her secret. Christiana walks in on her stepdaughter swallowing a cucumber and decides to teach her about sex using a strap-on and a hung friend! Keilani has been fired but is willing to do anything her bitchy, but hot ass demands to get her job back; even eat pussy and join her boss in a threesome!

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