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Released at: March 10, 2012 by Red Hot Video Productions
Caprice: This one's a drop dead gorgeous French porn star. The girl can barely speak a word of English, but who cares? Her name is Caprice and the way she says it, the name simply drips with high octane sexuality. But exotic and beautiful though she may be, Caprice has been very naughty. And so, it's spanking galore for this French babe! Brianna Beauty: And a real beauty she is. But sometimes it's the really beautiful ones whose behavior is the least so. And so it was with this uppity young tart. In no time at all, Brianna's impertinences would bring our man to his feet whereupon he proceeded to get to the bottom of the problem... with a vengeance! Lacyn: This one's southern bred and sizzling hot, but a demure and innocent belle she is not. And so it was that a trip to the woodshed was to be her lot. Now, we'd like to tell you that it was for her own good and that it hurt us more than it hurt her, but hey! She didn't believe it and we know damn well that you won't either!

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