MMW-LYNN: Debra Does Lynn Again And Again And Again/Lynn Is The Dom 10

Released at: January 14, 2011 by L. Scott Sales
**Debra Does Lynn Again and Again and Again** - Debra and Lynn McCrossin meet once more and Debra and her male friend ravage and fuck Lynn like nothing ever seen before. First it is Lynn sucking on this man's huge cock as Debra screams for her to deep throat him and choke on the whole thing! Then Debra joins in and wears her huge cock dildo and has Lynn fuck it hard and long. Lynn then jerks this man's huge cock off between her large muscular tits and sucks him off at the same time moaning and screaming with pleasure. Then it is doggie style time as the man bangs Lynn from behind with his balls as he jerks himself off to a climactic end and cums all over Lynn's ass and body. Great action by the beautiful sexy muscular Lynn McCrossin and the insatiable Debra! **Lynn Is The Dom 10** - This video is un-cut and un-edited to show all the action as it happened. Now it is Lynn's turn as she becomes the Dom and does this guy up good. First she jerks him off with her hand and than her biceps and her mouth! She then finger fucks his ass before her strap on goes in and she fucks him in the ass hard and fast while she jerks him off. Then the nymph Debra joins in and they both do this guy up. Debra fucks him with a dildo and Lynn jerks him off. Debra sits on his face and makes him eat her out. While Debra is fucking his face Lynn fucks him up the ass doggie style. Then Debra jerks him off and makes him crazy with lust. Debra makes him lick her pussy while Lynn jerks him off. Lynn jerks him off more and fucks him up the ass until he explodes at the end! An incredible marathon of ass fucking domination!

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