Miya Michales

Released at: May 15, 2015 by Rodney Moore Clips
**"Big Goo Tattoo"** - Chunky Asian girl Miya works at Rodney's office. When he asks to see some spreadsheets, he notices the new tattoos on the tops of her feet. In fact she's got lots of them all over her plump body. Rodney's been looking for a good tattoo artist so he asks Miya if he can see them all. At first, she's shy about undressing but eventually concedes. Suddenly he has a strong compulsion to play with himself and he can't seem to stop. To get him to cum faster so she can get back to work, she agrees tocaress his balls and stroke his cock. Before long she's got his big schlong in her cute little Asian mouth. She sucks and slobbers eagerly on Rodney's dick. Then, she bends over and jiggles her massive ass. Rodney spanks her tush then watches as she plays with herself. She continues sucking his cock 'til he shoots all over her lips and tongue. Then she goes right back to work with gobs of cum still dripping off her chin.

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