Mistress Chanel Preston

Released at: December 15, 2017 by Femdom Empire
**Pussy Slide the Cum Out** Mistress Chanel has allowed her chastity bitch the pleasure of trying out to be her new personal sex toy. Unfortunately her test dummy can't even last while her wet pussy slides up and down his rock hard cock. He cums before she even allows him to enter her cunt and gets locked right back into chastity where pre-mature ejaculators belong. **Extreme Chastity Upgrade** A ball trap chastity device just isn't secure enough for a horny slave and Mistress Chanel knows better than to trust a man while she is away. Her bitch gets the ultimate chastity upgrade to keep his cock, balls and ass completely locked away and denied from any wandering slave hands. A trial run is definitely in order as Mistress Chanel teases and tortures every inch of his body making sure his steel chastity belt is completely inescapable. **This Pussy Owns You** You are completely obsessed with this little area in between my legs. What it tastes like, what it smells like. Today is your lucky day, my panties are off and you will worship my divine cunt. The pussy that owns you, controls, you and drives you crazy. Your cock is denied in chastity while I ride your face to mind blowing orgasms. **Mindless Doll JOI** Mistress Chanel orders you to stare at the crystal ball she is swinging back and forth in front of her as her soft voice fills your mind, ordering you to relax. Once she has you totally calm, Chanel begins to control your mind, telling you that you belong completely to her and are nothing but a toy doll for her to play with. Chanel reinforces your helplessness by ordering you to stroke your cock as she rubs her breasts and pussy to get you even more excited. Once you cum, you will forever be Chanel's mindless jerk doll - but looking at her beautiful face and hot body, are you even trying to resist? **Popping His Cherry** On the 10th year anniversary of slave wade's service to the Femdom Empire it was decided that he must finally give up his anal virginity. The one humiliating thing he vowed never to do was anal sex, but he had no choice in the matter, the Mistresses have decided he must cement his devotion by popping his anal virginity! Mistress Chanel decided to do the honors in breaking him in as a new anal fuck toy.

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