Released at: December 2, 2019 by GirlGirl
Former lovers Bridgette and Robbin are finally getting together after years apart. They reminisce about old times and then Bridgette leans in for a kiss. Is Robbin going to still feel the same way? Katie goes to pick up her daughter at a friends' house after they went to a concert together. When Diamond tells her that her husband is stuck in traffic with the girls, she suggests a fun way to keep themselves entertained. Isabelle and her wife Britney consider themselves to be freaks in the bedroom. Britney likes to play with Isabelle while she's sleeping but how much can she do without waking her up? Serene and Katy are cousins that used to spend the summers together when they were young but haven't seen much of each other lately. When Katy arrives she reminds Serene of that one summer they experimented with each other and she wants to experiment some more.

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