Meet My Secretary #1 (Natica, Charisma, Skye)

Released at: October 5, 2006 by MaskTV
What's the best thing about being the boss? You can hire your own secretary, which of course includes an interview. For instance, you could only hire really sexy secretaries who would do anything to get the job. Like, for instance, suck their potential new boss' pussy or get fucked by a toy. Fortunately all the action is not only taped by the boss, but also by the security cameras! Check out three sexy scenes! "Cute Little Blonde" She was a cute blonde and out of work for a few months... so I put her to the test! She wasn't new to lickin' pussy but did she have the skills to keep the boss happy? I put her on the timer to see if she could take the heat! "Double Dildo" This spindly chick came in wearing a grandma dress and trying to sell me sex toys -- they just started falling out of her bag! I asked for a demo of the double dildo and she was too eager to show me... Too bad she just couldn't shut up! A good li'l secretary should be seen (naked) but not heard! "Skye" I hired Skye as a temp secretary and told her to copy some stats on the report board - a simple task, you would think! But when I came in to check I found out she was illiterate and she lied on her resume. She didn't want me to tell the temp company so I made her work off her mistake... then I fired her sorry ass out the door!

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Scene1: 00:00:00 - 00:31:20 (31:20)

Scene2: 00:31:20 - 00:50:13 (18:53)


Charisma, Mya

Scene3: 00:50:14 - 01:17:36 (27:22)


Skye, Mya