Released at: September 28, 2007 by ZFX Productions
It's late at night, and pretty Kimberly lies quietly resting in her bed, but behind her twitching eyelids lie forbidden dreams of lust for other women. You see, dreams don't lie, and in Kimberly's dream, she takes voyeuristic pleasure as a big breasted brunette is savaged by two whip wielding maniacs. Next, Kimberly dreams she is a prostitute, taken in for the night by a rich beautiful redhead named Alisha. Little does Alisha know that in Kimberly's dream, her act of kindness is about to be rewarded with the exact opposite, because this prostitute is really a sadistic wolf in sheep's clothing, hungry for the taste of struggling female flesh. After drugging poor Alisha, Kimberly climbs on top of her paralyzed prisoner, jamming her tongue down Alisha's throat and tearing at her clothes revealing Alisha's delicate, pink nipple breasts. From there beautiful Alisha is slowly stripped to her panties as she is put through one humiliating ordeal after another. Watch as this once defiant redhead becomes a tightly bound and gagged lesbian, plaything, willing to do anything to please her vicious dream captor. But when Kimberly is caught off guard by her now vengeful captive, she finds her dream has turned to a nightmare as she is bound legs spread wide and mouth taped shut, ready to receive a dose of her own medicine.

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