Masturbation Scenes

Released at: February 19, 2018 by Mr. Skin
Rubbing the carpet. Petting the pussy. Twiddling the twat. Paddling the pink canoe. These hot, horny celebs are all worked up, and they're taking matters into their own right hands (and dildos). So join in the fuzz-tivities and give yourself a hand....just like the naked ladies of Mr. Skin's Masturbation Scenes Playlist. Spanish skin superstar **Elena Anaya** kicks things off with a mind-blowing masturbation scene where she sucks a pink dildo before penetrating herself with it as she humps along to a XXX tape in Sex and Lucia (2001). Then brunette beauty **Lou Charmelle** gives us a great gyno shot as she (s)experiments with a rabbit vibrator in sexy penetrative closeup in Sex Stories (2009), **Shannon Elizabeth** bares tan cans and thumbs her button to some porno mags in the famous webcam scene from American Pie (1999), **Maggie Gyllenhall** sticks her hand down her panties and rubs herself off in the office bathroom in Secretary (2002), **Nicole Kidman** gives herself a hand in bed in Margot at the Wedding (2007), **Sabrina Seyvecou** bare-breastedly brings herself to orgasm while whispering sexily in French in Secret Things (2002), French fox **Amira Casar** sticks her red manicured fingers deep into her bush as the camera slowly pans up her body in Anatomy of Hell (2003), full-frontal **Margo Stilley** fantasizes about a girl-girl hookup while explicitly diddling herself with a vibrator in 9 Songs (2004), **Asia Argento** rubs her pussy over her panties as a man looks on in Boarding Gate (2003), and pretty Russian blonde **Ekateryna Rak** lets her furburger hang out of her lingerie while watching her gal pals get themselves off on webcam before it's her turn to expose everything- including the brown eye- as a client demands she finger her own asshole in Import/Export (2007). The voyeurism continues with **Jennifer Burton** paddling her pink canoe in ultra-slutty thigh-high PVC boots while she watches a couple have sex on the bed next to her in Mischievous (1996). Then **Jacqueline Lovell** initiates herself into the mile-high club licking her tits and rubbing her clit mid-flight on an airplane in Sex, Lies and Politics (1997), **Sook-Yin Lee** frantically masturbates fully clothed (save for the pussy, of course) in Shortbus (2006), **Elena Anaya** returns to get herself off with a shower head with boobs and bush exposed in another steamy scene from Sex and Lucia (2001), **Lauren Lee Smith** toplessly twiddles her twat watching porn on the couch in Lie with Me (2005), fully nude **Misty Mundae** touches herself all over before settling on her neatly trimmed bush in the soft core fantasy Lord of the G-Strings: The Femaleship of the String (2002), **Meg Ryan** humps the bed with her fingers fondling her furburger before rolling over to reveal quick boobage in In the Cut (2003), **Alishia Klass** opens wide to insert a lolly in her labia as she performs on stage in The Center of the World (2000), **Ally Walker** and her hubby spice it up with some dry humping and mutual masturbation in Tell Me You Love Me (2007), **Rosalba Neri** (and a body double for the gyno shots) show long, erect nips, smooth, supple skin, and furry '70s fur burger finger-banging herself in an extended scene from Slaughter Hotel (1971), **Christine Ngyuen** bares boobs, bush, and slippery, steamy butt in the shower while another woman spies on her and masturbates in Voodoo Dollz (2008), and finally Euro babe **Lise Bellynck** ends things with a bang as she goes full frontal and strums her button while talking dirty in French to a watching guy in a hot scene from The Exterminating Angels (2006).

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